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Northern Shores & Stories is the debut studio album by Elizabeth & Jameson released in May 2020, a concept album inspired by the North Yorkshire coast and in particular the harbour town of Whitby.  After deciding that we wanted to create a concept piece based around a specific place we decided fairly quickly on Whitby - not because of any strong links to the area, but simply because we are so fond of it and felt confident that it would hold the inspiration that we sought for our songs and stories.  And we weren't disappointed!

"Breathtaking storytelling and

songwriting... stunning musicianship."

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

During 2018 and 2019 we gradually gathered inspiration from several  visits to Whitby, and embarked on the writing of a collection of songs with themes ranging from love and loss, to adventure and discovery.  Various stories linked to the area and the town’s many historical figures, myths and legends both famous and lesser known were great sources of intrigue and captured our imaginations during the process. 

"The voices form a seductive combination... you can almost hear the sea receding towards the horizon."

The Sunday Times


Our own personal experiences also have their place within the concept, as well as simply the physical place itself which is an inspiration all on its own. We have enhanced our songs and stories by using field recordings of the physical environments they have been inspired by, with the aim of transporting the listener to a very real physical place and immersing them in that world through a varied soundscape of music, song and ambient sound.

"Fantastic... quite the listening experience."

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire


"A daring but very effective approach to music."

RnR Magazine

The recording of our album was completed in February 2020 and was officially released in May 2020.  We have since enjoyed taking our songs closer to the place of inspiration with live performances in Whitby and Scarborough, and some more planned in and around North Yorkshire later this year - keep your eyes on our live dates here.

"Something wonderful."

BBC Radio Scotland

Meanwhile take a look at some of our recent press reviews below to find out more about the album and the inspiration behind the songs.  And of course if you want to get your hands on a copy for yourself, visit our online shop here.

We have also recently made available some further notes on our Whitby-inspired songs. Please take a look if you would like to find out more about the inspiration behind each song from the album - click on the button on the right.

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Back home after two brilliant days at @s
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Did anyone hear our cheeky little shout

Click the button below for further information about our songs and stories.

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A great day recording at @smacstudios to




"Superb...cannot recommend highly enough."


Read the full review online here.


"Full of delightful soundscapes and characters."


Read the full review online here.

"One of the brightest new names on this country’s folk circuit."


Read the full review online here.

"One of those albums that you can sail away on – a delight

from start to finish."


Read the full review online here.

"An album that captures the heart of the area, of the north,

and of the duo, a sense of upmost achievement." 


Read the full review online here.

"A meeting of voices with the sort of harmonies one expects from siblings or family combinations."



Find out more about the team behind the album!


Northern Shores & Stories was recorded, produced & mastered by Stephen MacLachlan at SMac Studios, Suffolk.

Custom artwork & CD design by Jack Burrell at Belle Illustration, Hertfordshire.

String arrangements plus guest percussion, piano, celeste & harpsichord by Stephen MacLachlan (find out more here).

Guest 'cello by Claire Bostock (find out more here).

Guest double bass by Dave Sutherland (find out more here).

Octave violin kindly set up & loaned by Hill & Company, Hertfordshire.

Elizabeth & Jameson logo design by Katherine Roopchand at LSP Media & DesignHertfordshire.

Printed CD digipaks for Northern Shores & Stories were manufactured by Disc Wizards, London.

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