Our debut album. A concept album.

Join us on this journey!




The past year has been a productive one for Elizabeth & Jameson as we continue to build a firm foundation for ourselves as a new duo on the folk scene.  During our time together we can already feel that we have progressed as songwriters and musicians, delicately expanding our palette of folk, roots, alternative and country influenced sounds and opening up lyrically to new themes like never before.  It is an exciting time for us!


Elizabeth & Jameson represents the next chapter of a musical journey for us both, and we want the story to continue further still with our first full-length album which we have been writing and recordig throughout 2019. This new recording will be something a little different for both of us - a concept album inspired by the sights, sounds, folklore and legends of the seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire.

If you have seen us play live recently then you will know that there are several Whitby-inspired songs amongst our set, with more in progress.  We have continued to fit in a few recces to the area so far this year – with more to follow we hope! We have been busy gathering inspiration from myths, legends and stories linked to the area as well as the town’s many historical figures both famous and lesser known.  Our own personal experiences will also have their place within the concept, as well as simply the physical place itself, which is an inspiration all on its own. Our aim is to make this album something really special, with the capability of transporting the listener to the place and immerse them in that world through a varied soundscape of music, stories, song and ambient sound.

We are very excited about our new album and want it to be the best it can possibly be in terms of the quality of the finished product.  Over the past year we have been working hard to raise funds to cover the costs of recording and producing our album.  We have an 'album fund' pot, into which we will pour everything that we can from gig fees to CD sales, in order to help fulfil the huge potential the project has.


If you feel able to help us on our way then you can do so in many ways, including coming along to our gigs (or booking us for one – house concerts included!) and buying our CDs and other merchandise.   Visit our online shop to find out how to pre-order the album, or contact us directly here to find out more.  Alternatively if you wish to make a simple one-off donation to The Whitby Project then you can do so by clicking on the 'donate' button below. Watch this space for further fundraising news to come. Our Whitby album is due for release in Spring 2020!  


We hope to see lots of you along the way as we continue on our journey.  Come join us!


With thanks for your support.


Hannah & Griff xx

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